Cameron came highly recommended to me by a close friend who knew I was going through a health crisis in every respect. At the time, I had (and still have) a benign tumour in my bladder wall. Along with this, I had been experiencing these crazy intense cold and heat flashes – sometimes up to 30 times a day – lasting several minutes. Unfortunately, this also included being woken up in the middle of the night, sometimes once or twice an hour. Life was so miserable. With two bachelor degrees in Science, I was a bit skeptical at first of the ETA Bio-Resonance Scan, but three days after my one treatment, the hot/cold flashes completely disappeared – along with any doubts. On another note, it was quite interesting to see the scanner picked up the exact location of my tumour.

Patricia T

After over a decade of what seemed to be random and weird health issues Cameron was able to help me figure out what was causing them. His understanding of human complexity leads to him considering not only your physical state but also your mental and emotional states and how they impact your well-being. He genuinely cares.Yvette L

He see beyond your symptoms.

Cameron sees beyond your symptoms; he takes the time required to understand your individual history, stresses, habits, emotional states, etc.

In the end he’ll customize his approach to best support you in actually healing, not just treating your symptoms.

He possesses an incredible wealth of knowledge and intuitive ability that you just don’t get these days from western medical practitioners.