I’m Colin Hillstrom, an innovator and practitioner specializing in alchemy sound healing, four archetype consciousness coaching, advanced light meditation, and transformational homeopathy. I am based in Victoria, I teach and perform coast to coast, and I coach internationally on the phone.

My love of exploration and my ability to take the risk of following my heart has two purposes: To bring me joy and to inspire and guide other people to embrace their higher purpose.

I am here to go – in consciousness – where others fear to tread, and to demonstrate what’s most important of all: To never blame another for anything, for the moment you let go of blaming you open the door to unconditional love, a state that inspires and invites miracles.

Colin created his first full-time wellness centre in 1994 and has studied and certified under various master practitioners, including Dr. Reimer Banis, MD, ND and world-renowned sound healer and innovator Sharry Edwards. Colin has created several consciousness coaching systems, written several books, recorded a CD with crystal singing bowls and cello, and has composed and started recording a spiritual musical. He’s hooked on west coast air.