Why cleanse? We all clean out our furnace’s filters in the fall. We regularly clean our car’s oil and air filters. Are our body’s own filters any different? It was not too long ago, perhaps in your grandparent’s generation, that spring and fall cleansing were commonly used. Cleansing allows the body to flush out any accumulated toxins. This allows the immune system to deal with the possible fall/winter virus and bacteria instead of the toxins. Cleansing also allows the body to flush the lower digestive system (the small intestine and colon) of any fecal matter that is impacted in the lining. Today we are fortunate to have some very good cleansing kits available. Two I recommend are Wild Rose’s ’12 Day Detox’ and Renew Life’s cleansing program. Both are high quality products with clear and sound advice that is easy to follow.

Remember, cleansing takes energy from the body initially. Therefore, ease back on your daily routine for the duration of the cleanse and drink plenty of water and warm herbal teas – ginger tea is great for this!

Have fun.