What is The ETA Scan?

This innovative computer system analyzes the effects of pollutants and toxins in your body and its biological systems.

What the ETA Scan does is remove the identified toxins so your body can return to full vitality. This saves you time, costs and gives you a clear picture on the root cause of your symptoms.

Believed by many healthcare specialists to be the future of medical assessment, its advanced software allows you to see which pathogen, food allergy or pollutants are damaging the vitality of your body’s systems.

Using the ETA Scan remotely.

Whether a person is sitting in front of the scan or on another continent does not effect the efficacy of the session. Similar to how our cell phones can communicate around the planet, vibrational medicine units, like the ETA Scan, can locate a person and interact with their vibrational field.

There are four pieces of information I will need to program into the session for the ETA to locate you.

  1. Your name given at your birth.
  2. Your place of birth- city or region.
  3. Your current address.
  4. Date of birth.

You will find places on the Health Intake form sent to you once you have made your appointment we given here this information can.

It is your choice as to whether you watch the session as I work on you on your computer or sit back and relax. It is best if there is no one within 10 feet of you including pets during the session. If you are not viewing the scan during the session I send out a report through e-mail of what was done and the percentages of improvement in each area.


Your body is a unique collection of physiological systems that function because of the flow of energy. When the energy is in balance, our bodies are balanced or healthy.

Many factors affect the flow of these energies: stress, hormonal imbalances, digestive dysfunction and environmental pollution. Just as every cell phone has its own frequency, so does every cell, tissues and here is what is really exciting, so does every pathology, from every bacteria, virus and fungus, to every organ that is struggling with inflammation or lack of blood flow, all have a distinct frequency.

These frequencies are stored in the machine’s memory as a graph.

This is where the ETA Scan comes in.

All these various signature frequencies have been stored in the data bank and I can first determine the nature of the dysfunction and then compare them to frequencies of healthy tissues and organs. In this way, we can measure the energy flow in your body and determine what is out of balance and what needs to be done.

Using the ETA’s advanced graphics I can ‘see’ your body’s various organs, tissues and structural components and their responses to suggested remedies. Patients can see the energetic vitality of each of these internal areas, as well as where energy blocks may be present.

The scan is recording the energy vibration of multiple points on the heart’s arteries. Once the strength of each point is recorded the software gives us a rating based on prerecorded ‘healthy’ coronary arteries.

If your rating is below average, this section will be listed on another screen as an issue to be considered. This in one of dozens of regions of the body scanned. From muscle tissue down to your chromosomes, the ETA Scan reads deeply into your physical and emotional fields.


Once the issue has been identified and the vibrational signatures balanced, as remedy can be produced to further enhance the correction. This creates responsive and highly accurate treatment results.

Are you ready to explore deep into your health issues and find the root cause and a personal approach to your health? Welcome to the new millennium and a paradigm shift in how we define health care.


The first session is two hours. The scan takes approximately 30 minutes and then depending on the complexity of your case, we will go through all of the data collected and begin making positive changes in your health.

At the end of the session, a remedy can be created for you to continue healing at home. Follow up sessions can be the full two hours, or one hour.


Knowing if you have reduced energy frequency in certain areas of your body may help predict poor functioning before it has had time to develop into a disease state. At this early stage, natural remedies such as herbals and other supplements may be taken to help rebalance the energy flow and stimulate the affected organ or body system. As an added benefit, if you are taking a medication, or dietary supplement such as a vitamin or herbal preparation, it may be keyed into the ETA-Scan system to determine if it increases or decreases energetic flow. This tells you if the supplement you are taking is actually helping or hindering your overall health and well-being.

The ETA-Scan is used as widely in Europe, where there are over 3,000 practitioners utilizing it on a regular basis to better determine the health status and potential of their patients.

I look forward to helping you with your healthcare. Cameron Moffatt D.O. (MP) For additional information please view http://www.energy-medicine.org/etascan.html